Album - My soul - Olga Pavenskaya
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Album - My soul - Olga Pavenskaya
Description: The album includes songs on the words and music of Olga Pavenskaya.
All of them are from different musical jans, here you will hear author's, popular music, romances.
My soul
Year: 2010
Genre: Pop
Studio: ввс
00:00 - Gentle Words - O. PAVENSKAYA
08:03 - Do not call me ... - O. PAVENSKAYA
15:14 - Mother - O. PAVENSKAYA
19:55 - Bitterness of offense - O. PAVENSKAYA
23:34 - Extinct Candles - O. PAVENSKAYA

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Was born in Leningrad. She graduated from the music school in the class of classical vocal and piano. Was brought up on the classical music of Mozart, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Chopin. Love for the classics and the desire to make something new in music made me think of a new project called "Classics in Modern Processing." Her repertoire includes works by T. Albinoni, Saint-Saensa, Offenbacha, A. Dvorjaka, Schuberta, Bizet, F. Chopina, G. Haendel, Caccini, Borodin, G.Verdi, G.Puccini, J.S. Bacha, P. Tchaikovsky. A new video for "Adagio" -T was shot. Albinoni, which immediately became popular on the video site "YOUTUB". There was a site WWW.PAVENSKA.RU on which it is possible to hear new products and to learn all news about concerts.
In the autumn of 2008. The recording of the album "HITS OF THE XX CENTURY" began.
"Russian romance" performed by Olga is the music of the heart!
The project "Classics in modern processing" is not the only one in the performing activities of Olga.
I would not like to sing only classics, if you feel the strength to compose your music and words.
Since January 2009 The recording of the album "Songs for verses and music by Olga Pavenskaya" was started. "Author's song" is an alternative to modern music, Olga believes. In the project there is no concrete style, after all it is music and words from our life! In the summer of 2009. There was an album "My soul".
Host of the channel: Taisia ​​Pavenskaya
Taisia ​​Pavenskaya is a pop-jazz singer, a musician whose unusual timbre of voice and bright appearance are instantly remembered by the audience. It is not surprising that the young actress already has a victory in the show of the First Channel with her dance hit "Zaberi", performances at the "Fifth Channel", the channel "St. Petersburg", the radio with the song "I Will Stay" and, of course, the best venues countries.
She graduated from the musical school in the class of piano and vocals. The winner of vocal and piano competitions. He sings in Russian, English, Italian, Japanese, Albanian. In the repertoire of Song of Taisia ​​Pavenskaya, blues, world jazz and variety hits. In addition to musical talents, elegant and feminine Taisia ​​amazes her fans with completely un-feminine hobbies: fishing, cars and even shooting, while a true woman has her own collection of jewelry - gifts from fans, because diamonds are the best friends of girls!

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